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The wedding ceremony will begin at 2pm at Whispering Pines Mountain Hideaway. Yes, that is correct– the top of a mountain. The mountain is located in Estes Park, Colorado, and the address is 707 Goblins Castle Road
Estes Park, CO 80517.


NO cell phone service:

Please note: this is cell service in this area of the mountain! If you need to call, go down into Estes Park – continuing north on CO-7 – until you have cell coverage. Estes Park is only about 10 minutes past the High Peak Camp turnoff.




Cocktail hour at the reception will start after the ceremony around 2:45ish. Dinner and the epic dance party will begin shortly after. The fiesta will be held at the house! We want our guests to feel at home and enjoy themselves!


To to get to the cabin?
The easiest way is to use your GPS (or Waze) and you will find the cabin without any problems.
The address is: 707 Goblins Castle Road, Estes Park, CO 80517
Cell service cabin, can be spotty, but we have a land line, this is the number: 720-340-9883
There will be wi-fi available, so no worries, you Instagram addicts. 🙂
From Estes Park, CO . . .

Directions from Estes Park to Whispering Pines Mtn. Hideaway
1. In Estes Park, go to the intersection of US-34 and US-36. There is a McDonald’s on the Northwest corner of this intersection. Reset odometer here!
2. Starting from the intersection of US-34 and US-36, go East on US-36/ST Vrain Ave.
3. Turn right onto CO-7. Odometer should be about .3. (There is a turn with a hospital sign immediately before the turn you want to take. Make sure you are on CO-7 and not driving to the hospital.)
4. As you climb up the hill out of Estes Park, you will pass Lilly Lake on the right.
5. A little farther along, you will pass a sign for Aspen Lodge on the left.
6. About half a mile to three quarters of a mile past the Aspen Lodge sign, you will pass a sign for Long’s Peak on the right. The sign lists the elevation of Long’s Peak.
7. Shortly after the Long’s Peak sign, you will see a group of mail boxes on the right. Behind the mailboxes will be a sign that says “High Peak Camp”.
8. Turn right on the dirt road at “High Peak Camp” sign. This is Preservation Drive. Odometer should read about 8.2.
9. As you enter the High Peak Camp, you’ll see some buildings. Turn right on Salvation Lane. Odometer should read about 8.4.
10. Pass a small parking lot on the right.
11. At the fork in the road, stay right.
12. At T in road, go left. This is Gillette Drive. Immediately after you turn, you should see a barn on your right with a sign that reads “Double JK Ranch”.
13. Take the first left after the barn. This is Goblin’s Castle Road.
14. Take the first right that isn’t a driveway. (Shortly before this turn you should see a driveway for “Mitchell’s” on the right and a driveway for “Kochner” on the left.) It’s a hard right going uphill. (Note that continuing straight takes you off of Goblins Castle Road and puts you onto Inn Brook Road.) Odometer should read about 9.0
15. Follow this road almost to the end. It’s a steep uphill climb in places. Whispering Pines Mountain Hideaway is the second to last house on this road. You will see an address sign with 707 on a tree right next to our driveway on your right. Odometer should read about 9.4 or 9.5.
The Address is: 707 Goblins Castle Road, Estes Park, CO 80517
Phone number is 720-340-9883.
(Note that cell phones don’t have service in this area, so if you need to call, go down into Estes Park – continuing north on CO-7 – until you have cell coverage. Estes Park is only about 10 minutes past the High Peak Camp turnoff.)
For those who asked me what to wear?
We are just trying to spend time with friends and family. That’s all that matters to us! You should express yourself in whichever way you want, there are no restrictions (nudists, that one is for you!).
But, here are a few tips in regards to the area and terrain:
1. There is no need to wear heels, we will be outside the whole time and flats/wedges will be more comfortable!
2. Bring a light cardigan or sweater, it gets chili in the mountains at night and early in the morning.
3. Bring you sneakers or hiking shoes! If you are planning on hiking with us on Sept. 19th, don’t forget to pack some comfortable shoes!
We are so very excited (and terrified!), and can’t wait to see you soon!

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