a few weeks ago we finally mailed all our friends and family our official Engagement Announcement card! here it is:

vanessathe card was created by designer Lisa Nelson, from My Little Buffalo!

I noticed the card took a long time to be delivered in Brazil! also, a few people got confused and thought the card was the engagement party invitation! this was our official announcement and the invitation should arrive in Brazil this week!

all our vendor’s info is here!




all our guests are invited to post pictures online, on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook with the hashtags:






to inactivate more interactivity, we sent our engagement announcements inside a colorful envelope with a bag of confetti attached to it! here are the hilarious pictures, and even a movie! our friends posted online!

here is what we sent out:


IMG_5415 DSC07911 DSC07918 DSC07948 DSC07950

DSC07913 DSC07916


here is what our friends posted online, using our hashtags:


IMG_7658 IMG_7659


how fun is that? there are dogs and babies and gorgeous girls playing with confetti!


that’s happy!


you can also follow us by friending my Facebook page or following on Twitter and Instagram! our Instagram Hashtag for our engagement shenanigans is #maelshugrue, #wesmellthesame and #082913 and I hope all our guests will be posting a bunch of fun pictures!





We are currently, tirelessly, working on all our engagement stationary and the ONE of the most important features for us was that the entire stationary be interactive. Since we live away from all our friends and family, it was important to us that our guests could participate, interact, celebrate with us, even from a distance! Also, online plays a gigantic role for us! We have family and friends that will not access too much online info, therefore, the most important pieces will be printed and sent through the mail!

We started dreaming up interactive save-the-dates, invitations and programs that encourage our guests to play along. Be prepared, we are full of ideas! The entire suite includes:

  • Engagement Announcement – the card is still at the press
  • Paperless Post Save the Dates – sent via e-mail to everyone!
  • Private Facebook Group: Celebrate!
  • Wedding site/blog
  • Wedding app
  • Monograms – both printed and downloadable
  • Phone Wallpaper
  • Use of Hashtags: #wesmellthesame and #maelshugrue
  • Engagement Party Invitation
  • Favors

The whole shebang!

It’s one of the main reasons I really want to take my time, enjoy this moment, really think this through. The material our guests will receive in their homes, or virtually, will be created with thought and love. We are not going for perfection here! We are trying to feel who we are and who we are as a couple and express that through our stationary and all communication media between us and our guests!

Today, I’m going to focus on our Phone Wallpapers!


Phone Wallpaper

Both B. and I are rocking our customized wallpapers! The series “We Smell The Same” is a free, downloadable print offered by Wedding Chicks! It’s one of our favorite designs, with the couple of foxes illustrated in the cards! I’m obsessed with illustration and we are trying to incorporate the work of our favorite artists in our suite.

The flowery monogram is also from Wedding Chicks! One of my favorite Etsy shops, Loft Life Press [it seems their Etsy store is deactivated] created these romantic, floral designs, their stationary is to die for! A big contender for the wedding stationary!


Phone Wallpaper 1:

weddingchicks-download-1368280895Phone Wallpaper 2:


weddingchicks-download-1369632437If you would like a high-res copy of our monograms, let me know and I’ll send you through email!