Wedding Weekend

We are so, so very happy that you will be attending our wedding here in Colorado and we would love to give you additional information about everything we have planned, as well as directions to the cabin and much more!
All information is also available at
Now that you have RSVP’d and are ready to join us in celebrating love, here is everything you need to know:
All celebrations will officialy start on Thursday, September 18th, at 8pm in Estes Park!
To all Brazilians and out-of-state guests: the City of Denver has provided us with local magazines, guides and important information. Make sure to check in with us either in Denver or at the cabin, so you can pick you your Welcome Package! There will be a lot of good information and tips on what to do in the area!
September 16th – 4pm
Downtown Tour + 1UP
Baseball Game Rockies vs. Dodgers 
Coors Field Stadium
Denver, CO
Bret will be taking all Brazilian guests and out-of-state guests who will be in town to have some fun in downtown Denver and to see a baseball game! This will be the very first baseball game that many of our Brazilian guests will see in person and everyone is super excited! Vanessa will not attend. (I need work on my skin and beauty sleep before heading to the mountains.). Please, let Bret know if you plan to attend, so he can reserve tickets.
Thursday, September 18th
Star Gazing – 8pm 
Whispering Pines Mountain Hideaway
Estes Park, CO
We are very excited to join our friends and family at the cabin and enjoy time outdoors.  Hopefully, the weather will cooperate and we will be able to spot amazing stars in the Colorado sky on thursday night! We will talk, enjoy a picnic and some music too!
Friday, September 19th
Hike + BBQ – 3pm
Whispering Pines Mountain Hideaway
Estes Park, CO
We will gather to go on a short, easy hike around the area. We might try a hike near Lily Lake, a beautiful lake located a few miles from the house. If you want to arrive early, you will be able to customize your hike t-shirt. Yes, we made personalized t-shirts and my mom will put together a customization station so you can attach sequins, buttons, lace, cut it, do whatever you want to your tee to reflect who you are! Afterwards, we will have a BBQ dinner at the deck, overlooking Rocky Mountain National Park.
Saturday, September 20th
Wedding – 2pm
Whispering Pines Mountain Hideaway
Estes Park, CO
…who knows what to expect here???
As long as I don’t have a panic attack we are good! (joinha!)
Sunday, September 21st
Beer + Brat Festival – noon
Downtown Estes Park, CO
To help cure our collective hungover, we will meet in downtown Estes Park to check out the area and eat bratwurst of all kinds possible and imaginable. This is an yearly festival that pairs brats and beer, loads of local beer!