Did you know?


A long time ago, circa 3,000 B.C., Egyptians reportedly exchanged plants twisted into small circles as wedding bands!

Hemp and other plant-sourced rings, however, quickly gave way to more durable materials like bone, leather and ivory!



The ancient Greeks and Romans considered the vein in the left finger which can be traced to the heart, the “Vena Amoris“, “Veia do Amor” or “The Vein of Love”!


Today, Swedish women wear three bands: one for the engagement, one for the wedding, one for motherhood. Brazilians wear only one band, the engagement and wedding band are usually the same. After a woman becomes a mother, she wear a gold necklace with the image of the child.


I’m wearing my engagement ring on my right hand. People get very confused by that…

I’m trying to marry a few Brazilian traditions to American traditions! Bret gave me a ring, which is an American tradition, but it will be worn only on my right hand until the wedding, when we will move it to my left hand!



Our mixed culture is something that’s really important to me and something I plan on carrying throughout all our wedding events and our lives together!



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