all our guests are invited to post pictures online, on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook with the hashtags:






to inactivate more interactivity, we sent our engagement announcements inside a colorful envelope with a bag of confetti attached to it! here are the hilarious pictures, and even a movie! our friends posted online!

here is what we sent out:


IMG_5415 DSC07911 DSC07918 DSC07948 DSC07950

DSC07913 DSC07916


here is what our friends posted online, using our hashtags:


IMG_7658 IMG_7659


how fun is that? there are dogs and babies and gorgeous girls playing with confetti!


that’s happy!


you can also follow us by friending my Facebook page or following on Twitter and Instagram! our Instagram Hashtag for our engagement shenanigans is #maelshugrue, #wesmellthesame and #082913 and I hope all our guests will be posting a bunch of fun pictures!




What do you think?

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